About the eBrief

Has your company tried to elevate the importance of its food safety culture while balancing it with other critical business goals — and struggled to get everyone on-board?

Like any effective program you may implement, building an effective food safety culture requires a proactive plan, buy-in from key stakeholders, and a way to measure results that drive continuous improvement.

What's Inside

In this eBrief, renowned food safety expert Lone Jespersen and her colleagues at cultivatefoodsafety.com share a model that outlines the five stages and the five tangible dimensions of a winning food safety culture, including:

  • How to measure food safety culture to assess where your organization stands now
  • The five dimensions of food safety culture, why they’re important, and tactics you can use to strengthen each
  • What to expect when getting started with a cultural shift
  • How to help your company “walk the talk” when it comes to food safety
  • The importance of developing a single, strong linked plan to enact lasting change