schwan_thumbnailAbout the eBrief

COVID-19 has introduced complexity and pressure for every industry, but Process Manufacturing in particular has been affected in tremendous ways. From disrupted supply chains to the CDC's rapidly evolving health and safety guidelines, the industry continues to face major changes that call for agility and innovation. For a leading food service company, quick thinking and technology made it possible to meet new challenge as it emerged. 

What's Inside

This guide details how the company stayed ahead of the pressure created by COVID-19. In the coming pages, we'll discuss:

  • How SafetyChain technology enabled the company to handle the changes brought on by the pandemic
  • The training and communication strategies used to roll out a new form for safety checks
  • How the company quickly complied with changing CDC guidelines
  • What challenges their teams faced prior to using SafetyChain
  • The advantages, impact, and result of leveraging technology
  • Lessons learned and advice for fellow SafetyChain users