About the eBrief


FSMA, Technology & Audits How a Food Company Automated the Audit ProcessIn this exclusive case study, learn how Sokol and Company turned to technology to manage the complexities of FSMA and GFSI audits, ultimately realizing the benefits of reduced paperwork, streamlined processes, and improved audit readiness.

This quick read will give you insights on how a company that was awarded SQF Practitioner of the Year in 2017 successfully achieved the transition from paper to electronic documentation. From faster, more streamlined audits to real-time visibility into non-conformances, get insights on the ways companies like yours can benefit from adopting a quality management system like SafetyChain.


What's Inside

  • How the company implemented electronic documentation
  • Ways SafetyChain helped Sokol and Company achieve its goals
  • How the company plans to leverage SafetyChain moving forward