Digital transformation is a popular goal that very few people truly understand or execute correctly. It encompasses people, processes, and technology that focus on delivering value to the customer and building an operational backbone. When Grupo Navis was formed, their top priority was to foster digital transformation to benefit their customers, employees, and overall business. Download this customer success story to learn how they did it.

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In this success story, we’ll take a deep dive into Grupo Navis’ unique challenges and the transformative improvements achieved through implementing SafetyChain's Digital Plant Management. Head of Digital Transformation Jari Navarro shares an eye-opening account of the pressures Grupo Navis faced, and discusses how digitalization is revolutionizing every aspect of their supply chain.


We’ll cover:

  • How a single QA manager saved over 800 hours a year by embracing digital documentation
  • What it took to get a top produce company to be audit-ready at all times
  • How Grupo Navis has resolved customer claims and complaints with a continuous drive to offer better quality