How RiceWrap Foods Overcame Regulatory Challenges & Scaled ManufacturingAbout this Case Study

RiceWrap Foods faced a few challenges expanding production of their highly innovative rice manufacturing processes. To promote efficiency, their team sought a solution that would assist their personnel by providing plant-wide transparency and connectivity across safety and quality programs. We go deep to understand what internal factors contributed to their success, how they measured ROI, and how they realized a 90% reduction in errors.

What's Inside

In this guide, we’ll explore how RiceWrap Foods implemented SafetyChain for Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Audit Readiness to scale operations and overcome regulatory challenges without needing to add headcount. You'll also learn

  • The challenges RiceWrap Foods wanted to solve with technology
  • The internal factors which had to be considered before implementation
  • The primary drivers behind the project's success
  • Benefits that RiceWrap Foods experienced since rolling out SafetyChain
  • Recommendations for anyone considering a technology project