Like many other Food & Beverage companies, Blue Bell Creameries has a wealth of operational data at their disposal. Yet, while they were collecting it consistently on paper, and in some cases, by computer, the data went mostly unused after it was gathered. There was a tremendous area of opportunity to put the pieces together by actually tracking and trending data.

Recognizing this opportunity, Blue Bell Creameries sought out a solution that would provide them an easy way to access their data across all three of their manufacturing plants.

In this guide, we’ll take a close look at how Blue Bell has leveraged SafetyChain to achieve these outcomes, along with the additional benefits they’ve realized. With a firsthand account from Josh Kalich, Food Safety & Projects Manager for Blue Bell, we’ll cover:

What's Inside 

  • What Blue Bell looked for in a solution and which challenges they had to overcome
  • Which considerations they addressed when selecting a solution
  • How SafetyChain’s dashboards have helped Blue Bell make faster, data-driven decisions