How Four Companies Optimized Operations


Pressure to improve production processes is at an all time high in today's competitive market.  It’s more important than ever for manufacturers to optimize the value of their existing workforce.  Identifying the right methods and tools for improving labor efficiency is the make-or-break factor that can lead modern manufacturers to not only survive current shortages, but actually come out ahead. To do so requires you to do more with less — a feat that can seem impossible when resources are already strained.



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In this download, we’ll explore how four SafetyChain customers implemented our digital plant management solutions to find labor efficiencies across their quality and production teams.  

  • BASF Streamlines Supplier Approval for 63% Gain in Efficiency
  • Crosby’s Molasses Gains 25% Efficiency Per Day
  • MSI Express Tightens Production Checks for a 75% Annual Efficiency Gain
  • Wholestone Farms Streamlines Sanitation for a 10 hour-Per-Day Efficiency Gain
Featured Manufacturers: Wholestone Farms, Crosby's, BASF, and MSI Express