New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint

Prepare for a New Era of Food Safety

The FDA launched a 10-year plan in July 2020 to improve food safety called The New Era of Food Safety Blueprint. It provides a framework for preventing outbreaks with technology, improving food traceability, and perhaps the biggest challenge, fostering and strengthening food safety culture in facilities.

SafetyChain has got you covered with materials that will empower your team to take the first step towards a permanent, robust food safety culture. 

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  • Food Safety Culture eGuide: 15-page guide on embedding a powerful food safety culture that drives ROI, plus benchmark your culture maturity level.
  • Expert Food Safety Culture Presentation: 1-hour training given by expert food safety change-maker, Lone Jespersen PhD from Cultivate, on permanently anchoring an effective food safety culture in a high-turnover industry.