Preventing Risks & Influencing Change: Climate Impact to Food Safety

[FSMA Friday] Climate Impact to Food Safety

Heat waves, shifts in precipitation patterns, hurricanes, even disruption of wildlife ecosystems… These climate-related events have a direct impact on food production, and food safety.


Join Dr. Lily Yang to learn about how changing climate patterns are increasing food safety risks, like foodborne pathogens and mycotoxins, and what can be done to quickly identify and prevent an emerging risk throughout the supply chain.

Hear real-world examples of what worked, and what specific steps and tools you can adopt to prevent climate-influenced food safety threats and a more sustainable production environment.


Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Lily Yang

Dr. Lily Yang

Manager, Food Safety @ The Acheson Group

Dr. Yang is a food safety culture specialist focused on the impacts of consumer and stakeholder attitudes, behaviors, and technological utilization within the food system.

FSMA Friday is a monthly webinar series in partnership with SafetyChain and The Acheson Group to provide regular updates, insights, and guidance to help you navigate industry shifts surrounding the Food Safety Modernization Act.

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