Part 2 of 2 in E-Guide Series:

Boosting Existing Systems & Resources to Maximize Production

When it comes to continuous improvement, manufacturers often struggle to implement the proper visual controls, rapid response systems, and develop a problem-solving culture where everyone is responsible for preventing issues.

eGuide: Addressing Errors and Abnormalities Proven Methods

This e-guide details how to train manufacturing teams to rapidly respond to violations of standard operations, processes, or procedures - and outlines what methods and tools are needed to ensure abnormalities are quickly addressed.

Expect to learn:

  • Where to look to quickly identify and respond to operational violations
  • How to implement visual controls and establish a rapid response system
  • What root cause methodology will work best for the problem (ex. Five Whys, fishbone diagrams, Pareto analysis, DMAIC, etc.)

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    Developing the Framework & Tools for Effective Operational Management