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By understanding methods, models, and tips for measuring your real Cost of Quality, you'll gain insight into the areas of quality that are costing your business the most and better manage them.


A common complaint from engineers, operations professionals, and quality practitioners is that they aren’t able to convince senior management to fund their quality control initiatives, even though everyone knows that quality failures erode production capacity and customer satisfaction. In this webinar, Denis Devos, P.Eng., will discuss how to make a clear, data-informed argument for measuring your real cost of quality, and how it impacts your bottom line. 


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to model conformance & non-conformance costs
  • Ways to measure prevention, appraisal, and internal/external failure costs 
  • The most frequently missing value in Cost of Quality calculations
  • Tips for reducing and managing your Cost of Quality
  • How to identify the areas of quality that are costing your business the most (and how to manage them)

About the Speaker

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Denis J. Devos

BA, B.E.Sc, M.Eng, P.Eng

Denis Devos is a professional engineer with a wide variety of technical and quality assurance management skills.  He is a recognized expert in the application of ISO 9001, and other Management System Standards.

Denis is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality in recognition of his life-long career in manufacturing and Management Systems Support. 

For the past twenty years, Denis has been working with clients from a variety of sectors such as automotive parts manufacturing, municipal water treatment, and food & beverage packaging such as box-board, polyester films, and PET bottles.

Practice areas include Management Systems Implementation and auditing, Process Improvement, Lean Workshops and a variety of training topics.  

One of Denis’ Lean Transformations with an industrial chemical plant was featured at the 2014 ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement.