How Empowering The Frontline Improves Profitability

In any manufacturing facility, the frontline workers are the pulse of the plant floor. Yet, in many cases, they’re not detecting operational issues until they’ve compounded and become complex problems with far-reaching consequences.

Arming your operators with the right tools enables them to not only spot minor issues before they worsen, but it also empowers them to be more efficient in their roles to drive better productivity overall.



Customer Success Story: Operator-Driven Results


In this download, we’ll discuss how four SafetyChain customers provided their frontline operators access to real-time production and quality data, resulting in an enhanced culture of data transparency and significant operator-driven savings, including:

  • How Beyond Meat improved their pepperoni drying process for a 60% increase in salable product
  • How Ajinomoto increased their CPK to 1.3, representing very little waste, in just two weeks
  • How Death Wish Coffee solved a challenging packaging scrap issue and reduced their scrap by 70%
  • How Brakebush operators recognized an upshift in weights, resulting in $2M in savings
Featured Manufacturers: Beyond Meat, Ajinomoto, Death Wish Coffee, Brakebush