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SafetyChain Digital Plant Management  Pricing

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Let's talk about your needs to improve plant performance:

In solving our paper problem, we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.
Tracy O., Corporate Applications Manager, HyLife Foods

Every facility is different, with specific needs that span safety, quality, compliance, and production teams. To help you get the right price for the solution that will drive ROI in your facilities, we'll want to discuss what you're looking to accomplish. Here's what that looks like: 


First, we discuss your operations, requirements, & goals


Third, you'll get a comprehensive pricing package & business case


Second, you'll see the industry's first digital plant management platform


We focus on your objectives and outcomes throughout our talks

The Value to Analyze Every Plant, Line, & Shift

Understand what it costs to load production schedules, track actual-to-target performance, and calculate dollars saved from reduced downtime and increased performance. Collect data from equipment, sensors, and quality checks for higher definition OEE, and see pricing for tracking critical KPIs in real time across all your facilities.

image of Production Line Efficiency

Go Mobile, Automate Everything, & Ditch the Paper

Quote your production team on tools that unlock key data across your entire facility and get costs for real-time SPC and OEE from an integrated solution. Price auto-calculation specification limits with predictive run-time rules and take the guesswork out of continuous improvement and profitability.


Ask for Pricing to Learn Why Over 2,000 Facilities use SafetyChain to optimize labor, maximize yield & ensure quality

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  • Complete FSQA Program Management
  • SPC Charts
  • Real-Time Spec Verification
  • Shift & Line Monitor/Comparison
  • Operations Monitor
  • OEE Calculations & Dashboards
  • KPI & Performance Dashboards
  • Planned & Unplanned Downtime
  • Startup / Line Changes
  • Quality Rejections
  • Root Cause Analysis & Alerts
  • Mobile & Automated Data Collection
  • Pre-Op & Sanitation Programs
  • Production Plan Import
  • Device Connectivity (scale, therm, etc)