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SafetyChain Plant Maintenance Software

Monitor & Control Plant Maintenance  

Maintenance Software
In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.
Tracy O., Corporate Applications Manager, HyLife Foods

Continuously Improve Maintenance Operations

Live OEE Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Enterprise Performance Dashboards

Non-compliance & Event Completion Alerts

Downtime & Slowdown Event Analysis (1)

Continuous Improvement Programming

OEE Trend & Scorecard

Automated Maintenance Data Collection

Continuously Improve Maintenance Operations

Use automated equipment checks to identify which machines need work and when. Startup, changeover, and unplanned production downtime can be configured to be displayed by affected equipment and reason code, allowing you to direct your technicians to the most urgent problems first. Make timely, effective decisions for preventative maintenance, repairs, and calibrations to increase the lifespan of your assets and maximize production time.


Schedule Maintenance Tasks By Workgroups

Keep maintenance teams on track with facility-wide task scheduling. Centrally manage one-off work orders or recurring maintenance and calibration. Align employees on the plant floor with company goals through a user-friendly interface that sorts tasks by priority and due date to help workers stay on track.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduler

Learn why over 1,500 facilities trust SafetyChain for their Production, Quality, Safety, and Supplier Management programs.

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Key Benefits

  • Extend Equipment Lifespan 
  • Streamlined Scheduling 
  • Resource Optimization



  • Organize Work Order Management
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Diminish Documentation Time


  • Speed Up Repairs & Inspections 
  • Enable Regulatory Compliance
  • Work Order Visibility