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SafetyChain OEE Software

Reach Your Plant’s Full Potential With Production Software

OEE Software
In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.
Tracy O., Corporate Applications Manager, HyLife Foods

A Fully Integrated OEE Solution to Optimize Productivity

Live OEE Monitoring

Live OEE Monitoring

Enterprise Performance Dashboards

Enterprise Performance Dashboards

Downtime & Slowdown Event Analysis (1)

Downtime & Slowdown Event Analysis

OEE Trend & Scorecard

OEE Trend & Scorecard

Uncover Root Causes To Prevent Problems

Eliminate bottlenecks by tracking OEE scores by line, shift, or other attributes. With the ability to identify the origins of production issues in real-time, you can address problems quickly before they escalate—and prevent them from happening again.

OEE SafetyChain Software

OEE Software That Fit Your Production Challenges

Whether you just want form-driven functionality with no automation, need to integrate into your existing equipment and devices, or somewhere in between, SafetyChain has options that keep you in confident control. Enterprise process manufacturers that have complex data automation needs can get a true picture of OEE, while smaller facilities with few lines can access the same enterprise-grade solution using operator-driven digitized smart forms, and add sensors and automation as needs change.

OEE Dashboard

Learn why over 1,500 facilities trust SafetyChain for their Production, Quality, Safety, and Supplier Management programs.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time Throughput or Downtime Issues Visibility 
  • Leverage IoT
  • Maximize Operational Capacity 



  • Increase ROI on Equipment
  • Reduce Repair Costs
  • Remove Unnecessary Paperwork


  • Uncover Performance Trends Across Facilities
  • Isolate & Mitigate Bottlenecks
  • Automated Data Collection