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Digital Supplier Management 

Simplify Supplier Management 

Supplier Management Software
SafetyChain has provided the insight and visibility we need for our 400+ suppliers in 40+ countries. It’s a great centralized hub for managing all of our supplier level documents.
- Beaver Street Fisheries

A Centralized Solution to Streamline Supplier Compliance

Supplier Compliance Checks

Supplier Compliance Checks

Supplier Approval_Onboarding

Supplier Approval/Onboarding

Document Expiration Tracking

Document Expiration Tracking

Supplier Tasks & Notifications

Supplier Tasks & Notifications

Simplify Communication

Put an end to back-and-forth emails about expiring certificates and other supplier details with a convenient and secure supplier network. Leverage a user-friendly supplier portal to digitally share and capture requirements, trigger notifications, and save time for both your internal teams and your suppliers. Set up a new supplier in minutes and associate existing supplier- and item-based requirement sets to qualify them quickly and easily.

Supplier management Software

Enable Remote Supplier Audits

Leverage SafetyChain’s secure supplier portal to collect, retrieve, and analyze all necessary documents for thorough and hassle-free remote audits. Suppliers can add attachments and be assigned tasks, while your internal teams can perform sign-offs efficiently.

Supplier Management software - SafetyChain

Learn why over 2,000 facilities trust SafetyChain for their Production, Quality, Safety,  and Supplier Management programs.

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Key Benefits

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Save Time 
  • Eliminate Paper & Emails




  • Simplify Supplier Processes
  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Supplier Risk 


  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring
  • Supplier Task Dashboard
  • Supply Chain Visibility