Adapt and Advance with Digital Certifiation

GFSI Certification Process Now Allows Part of Your Certification Audits to be Conducted Remotely

On June 11th, 2020, GFSI issued a statement acknowledging the importance of technology in digital certification:

“GFSI is gearing up for a new world of auditing and introducing the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) to food safety audits. The pandemic has accelerated discussions on the potential to replace some aspects of physical audits with the use and support of ICT in the longer term.”

- Roy Kirby, GFSI Board Co-Chair & Director of Global Food Safety

Through our partnership with Eurofins, SafetyChain is committed to equipping food & beverage companies with the tools they need to improve their routine certification processes and mitigate the risks that can arise during logistical challenges.

Download this Free eGuide and Understand Best Practices for Remote GFSI Certification Audits

Thumbnail-for-Content-DownloadAlthough remote certification audits vary only slightly from onsite visits, there are a few key differences. 

Watch the video or read our eGuide, "Conducting Certification Audits Remotely" to learn how to successfully prepare for your first remote audit, including:

  • The benefits of going remote
  • Key steps involved in a remote audit
  • Types of certifications supported by remote auditing
  • How SafetyChain & Eurofins can get your plant set up for remote audits