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    SafetyChain Spring Customer Summit
    Data Driven Approaches to Manufacturing Excellence

    Virtual Online event
    Tuesday May 4th, 2021 | 10:00am - 3:00pm CT

    JOIN US!

    The SafetyChain Spring Customer Summit is a half-day, virtual online event focused on training, best practices, thought leadership, and making sure you get the most out of SafetyChain Software. We'll focus on how data is driving modern manufacturing operations, and we'll hear from our Solutions Architects, Product Team, hear customer stories, and of course see what's on the Product Development Roadmap! Let's get together, share best practices, learn and make connections.



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    SafetyChain Summit


    May 4 2021

    10:00am CT

    May 4 2021

    Welcome Kickoff

    Brian Sharp, President of SafetyChain Software kicks things off for our customers and shares insights on why 2021 is the year of the SEE Suite.

    10:20am CT

    May 4 2021

    Keynote: How the Data-First Methodology for Digital Transformation Avoids Costly Mistakes

    Why manufacturing leadership and operations are adopting a data-first approach instead of chasing digital transformation. Has "digital transformation" lost its way, or is there something bigger going on?

    Join Cameron Bergen, CEO of Mode40, and Roger Woehl, CTO of SafetyChain, as they share stories and discuss the shortcomings of digital transformation efforts in some of the most competitive industries and learn

    1. The pitfalls of digital transformation
    2. What a data-first approach looks like
    3. How data-first drives true ROI & growth, and more

    11:00am CT

    May 4 2021

    Training Workshop: In-App SPC Charting

    Learn how to use the In-App charts to highlight trending data collected on your forms and get tips for configuring your charts and form submissions. Yvonne Lirette and Cullen Drain from our Customer Success team will then review the resulting charts and explain ways to interact with them.

    11:30am CT

    May 4 2021

    Training Workshop: Become a Windows Workstation Wizard

    See how easy it is to connect a device (like a scale) to SafetyChain and have its data feed into your SPC Charting, alerts, and other reporting. Join Yvonne Lirette, Director of Customer Success, and Cullen Drain, Customer Success Manager, for a learning workshop on the Windows Workstation.

    12:30pm CT

    May 4 2021

    How Blue Bell Creameries Uses a Data-Driven Approach to Quality Programs

    Blue Bell Creameries is known for producing some of the most innovative flavors of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen treats - and they have a serious focus on quality.

    Join Josh Kalich, Food Safety & Projects Manager as he discusses their data-driven approach to food safety and quality, shares insight from standardizing processes across three facilities to unlock tracking and trending of data. He'll also share the dashboards that keep things running smoothly.

    1:00pm CT

    May 4 2021

    Architecting Success: The Power of Blueprinting & the Data Driven Approach

    Kevin Lee, Sr. Solution Engineer, will moderate an informative round table discussion with SafetyChain's solutions architects.

    Tiffany Donica, Brandon Wright, and Shamonique Schrick will discuss methods and strategies used to produce essential metrics through the blueprinting process.

    They will talk about how to collect data to drive decision-making and provide a framework for continuous improvement, plus share their experience deploying the Deming Cycle.

    Don't miss this session!

    1:40pm CT

    May 4 2021

    Product Roadmap Preview

    Don’t miss the roadmap preview! Join Eric Hansen, VP of Solutions, and Roger Woehl, Chief Technical Officer as they give a preview of what’s new in your SafetyChain tool, and the cool features the engineering team is working on delivering. Don’t miss this customer favorite!

    2:10pm CT

    May 4 2021

    Closing & Farewell

    Join Brian Sharp, President of SafetyChain Software for closing remarks and a celebration of our customers.



    Cameron Bergen

    CEO - Mode40


    Yvonne Lirette

    Director of Customer Success - SafetyChain Software

    Josh Kalich

    Food Safety & Projects Manager - Blue Bell Creameries

    Brian Sharp

    President - SafetyChain Software

    Cullen Drain

    Customer Success Manager - SafetyChain Software

    Shamonique Schrick

    Solutions Architect - SafetyChain Software

    Roger Woehl

    CTO - SafetyChain Software

    Aaron Bolshaw

    Vice President of Marketing - SafetyChain Software

    Eric Hansen

    VP of Technical Solutions- SafetyChain Software

    Tiffany Donica

    Solutions Architect - SafetyChain Software

    Kevin Lee

    Sr. Solution Engineer - SafetyChain Software

    Brandon Wright

    Solutions Architect - SafetyChain Software
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