About the Webinar

Do you Know your EQ? The EQ, or “Exposure Quotient” looks at myriad risks food and beverage companies must balance in order to protect consumers, customers, shareholders, and their brands. Assessing your own company’s risk exposure on a periodic basis is a sign of a mature risk culture and is key to identifying emerging risks as well as resourcing appropriately, avoiding complacency, and striving for continuous improvement.

In this training webinar, join Melanie Neumann (President of Neumann Risk Services, LLC and Executive Vice President of Matrix Sciences) as she provides insight into the current and emerging risk landscape.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The totality of risks the food industry needs to manage on a day to day basis (there are more than you think!)
  • Tips and tools for how to mitigate/reduce these risks and incorporate these strategies into your enterprise risk management (ERM) program 

  • How your assessment score helps your company better allocate time, talent, and treasure to the highest risk factors facing your company today 

  • How your assessment score helps develop better metrics to propel you on your path to continuous improvement
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President, Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS)

Melanie Neumann, J.D., M.S., President of Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS) and Executive Vice President of Matrix Sciences, has 19 years of industry experience as a food law attorney helping clients manage the risks relating to each step in the supply chain, from supplier risk management to procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sale of food globally including regulatory interaction when issues arise. Melanie is a graduate of Mitchell-Hamline Law School in Minnesota for her juris doctorate degree, and Michigan State University for her M.S. in Food Safety.

Melanie is an Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University and serves on advisory panels and boards of several notable organizations. She is a frequent speaker on executive liability in food production and FSMA regulations.

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