About the Webinar

The July 26th, 2019 deadline to comply with the FSMA’s Intentional Adulteration rule has food and beverage companies scrambling. Join special guest Rod Wheeler, CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute, as he clarifies FSMA’s IA rule requirements and serves up tools that help large food manufacturers and processors identify their vulnerabilities easily — in two days or less.

A discussion of security countermeasures and tips on effectively managing supply chain risk will round out the hour. Companies will walk away with a clear understanding of IA compliance requirements and the knowledge they need to write their food security and defense plans including:

  • How to conduct your own vulnerability assessment in 2 days or less
  • Using the FDA’s Food Defense Mitigation Strategies database...It’s easy!
  • What security countermeasures are available to consider to mitigate the risk of intentional tampering at a food plant
  • Using your vulnerability assessment to help build your Food Defense Plans


About the Presenter, Rod Wheeler

Rod Wheeler Global Food Defense Institute

Rod Wheeler is the Founder and CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute, the only global firm that focuses solely on food defense, intentional adulteration (IA), tampering, and intelligence. As a former Crime Analyst for the Fox News Channel and frequent guest on several national and international news outlets, he is a leading expert on food security, terrorism and crime.

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