About the Webinar

You may be preparing at this very moment for an audit or a new regulation, but is your plant prepared for what food safety will look like in 2020 and beyond? From blockchain and labor challenges to never-ending legislation changes, today’s food safety leaders have to do more than keep up - they have to ramp up.

In this months’ training webinar, Jennifer van de Ligt, Ph.D. (Director, Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program at the University of Minnesota) will examine the most critical factors that every food manufacturer needs to be planning for. Learn what leading food companies are focusing on to effectively adapt to fast changing technology, regulations, consumer demands, labor markets, and more. You’ll get practical suggestions and strategies to prepare your facility, your staff, and even your career.

  • The growing burden on food safety - what is changing and why
  • Why most food facilities are falling behind
  • 7 key factors food safety professionals must be planning for & why
  • Prioritizing your planning for 2020 and beyond
  • Proactive ways to protect your plant and your career

About the Presenter

Jennifer van de LigtJennifer van de Ligt, Ph.D.
Director, Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program at the University of Minnesota

Dr. van de Ligt has over 20 years experience in food safety, food defense, and supply chain resiliency. She now directs the Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program at the University of Minnesota, where, in addition to teaching, she leads a team dedicated to improving the leadership and systems thinking capabilities of food industry professionals. Dr. van de Ligt has more than 130 global patents and patent applications, including those for specialty ingredients, processing technology, packaging innovations, and biology-based dynamic modeling formulation systems.