What You'll Learn:

With the rollout of the FDA’s latest Food Code, some food retailers may still be challenged in meeting compliance due to cost, turnover, or even keeping up to date with regulation variants.

In this webinar, Dr. Karla Acosta, Food Safety Manager at The Acheson Group, helps identify the not-so-obvious areas where regulators look when conducting retail food establishment audits/inspections.

Key Takeaways for Food Retailers and Manufacturers Include:

  • Understand critical inspection areas, including sanitation, labeling, HACCP, and record-keeping.
  • Best practices for maintaining food safety protocols to prevent bacteria growth, cross-contamination, and spoilage.
  • What documentation and record-keeping frequency is needed to ensure consistent adherence to food safety practices and regulations.


Presented by: Dr. Karla Acosta of The Acheson Group

2022 FDA Food Code Educational Webinar

Enjoy the Webinar!  


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