Presented by Dr. Angela Ferelli Gruber | The Acheson Group

When it comes to food safety, everyone from the grower, producer, manufacturer, and distributor should be in lock step.

In this webinar, Angela Ferelli Gruber, Manager of Food Safety at The Acheson Group, will compare two sides of food safety for raw agricultural commodities (RAC) that are made into food - at the farm and in the facility.  Dr. Ferelli Gruber will provide approaches to strengthen food safety programs of producers as well as supplier evaluation procedures of manufacturers to proactively mitigate risk and comply with changing FSMA regulations.

Food growers, producers, and manufacturers can learn:

  • How farms can create strong food safety programs
  • Strategies to enhance visibility into potential food safety risks of raw agricultural commodities
  • How to manage supplier risk, including identifying hazards and obtaining necessary approvals
  • Where the FDA Food Traceability Rule will impact the produce supply chain


(eGuide) Missing Ingredients Critical to Your Food Safety Sccess

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