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About the Webinar

Poor quality can waste 25% - 35% of an organization's operating budget and cripple profitability. While quality deserves the utmost level of attention in any plant, in today's ultra-competitive manufacturing environment, quality management can be a target for budget cuts or department downsizing. As a result, Quality Managers are challenged to do increasingly more with less, yet still contribute to profitable lines.

The good news is that while the cost of poor quality can be staggering, you can control it.

Spend an hour with Bill Levinson from Levinson Productivity Systems as he applies CoQ lessons from several manufacturing industries to today's CPG, plastics, industrial, chemical, and F&B manufacturers. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • CoQ lessons from Ben Franklin, Goldratt, Masaaki Imai, and Henry Ford
  • Critical KPIs your CoQ analysis might be overlooking
  • How to identify Asymptomatic and Hidden Waste
  • Why Opportunity Costs - generally invisible to Cost Accounting systems, can exceed the Cost of Poor Quality
  • How to get your Cost of Poor Quality down and competitiveness back (hint: it has something to do with data!)
  • Why the Rule of 10s can be your demise & how to ID non-conformances sooner

Who Will Benefit

  • Quality, Operations, and Production Professionals
  • Manufacturing Controllers, CFOs, and P/L Analysts
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation Specialists

About the Panelist

William Levinson

Bill Levinson, P.E., MBA

Principal Consultant

Bill Levinson is a Principal Consultant at Levinson Productivity Systems with 20 years of experience educating professionals in reducing the cost of services while improving product quality through lean manufacturing, statistical, and quality assurance methods. 

Bill earned M.S.’s from Cornell University and Union College in Chemical Engineering and Applied Statistics. He is a leading authority on lean manufacturing and statistical process control methods for real-world situations.