About the Webinar

Manufacturing holds incredible career opportunities for women, yet currently, women hold only 27% of manufacturing positions and fewer than 5% of CEO titles. Compounded by the anticipated workforce shortage in the US manufacturing industry, companies are facing a challenge to find more female leaders for their plants. So, how do we change this trend and for women already in manufacturing, what are the secrets to getting ahead?

The truth is - there has never been a better time for women to step forward and make their mark on an industry so critical to the US economy’s success. So, let’s talk about how!

In this interactive webinar, we’ve assembled a panel of three accomplished food industry leaders from Tyson (Geri Kelley), See’s Candies (Iris Eshoo), and HyLife (Tracy Ouellet) who will share their career paths and offer tips on how to thrive in an industry that offers incredible promise. You’ll understand the factors that drove their own success and be able to ask questions about the leadership lessons they learned along the way.

The insights you will gain from this webinar include:

  • Which industry shifts are creating enormous advancement opportunities - and how to take advantage of them
  • How to side-step old-school roadblocks and move up the ladder
  • How to navigate unintended bias and negotiate for success
  • Ways to turn the gender difference into a competitive edge
  • How to find and keep a mentor
  • Surviving vs. thriving - making your career count
  • Tactics companies can use to attract and retain quality women workers and develop leaders

Who Should Attend

This webinar is for individuals and companies alike, in particular, female QA, QC, operations & production workers, food safety leaders, innovators, change-makers, and all those who support the advancement of women in manufacturing.

You'll Hear From and Interact with These Panelists:

Geri Kelley, Tyson Director of IT Applications | FSQA, EHS

Geri Kelley, Tyson

Director of IT Applications | FSQA, EHS

  • Leads a team of IS professionals on software implementation projects
  • Provides application support for departments of Food Safety & Quality Assurance and EHS

Iris Eshoo, See's Candies, VP

Iris Eshoo, See's Candies


  • Food Safety and Quality Management
  • Training and Development, Change Implementation
  • Risk Management, Cost Reduction, P&L Management
  • Regulatory Affairs, Crisis Management, Leadership

image of Tracy Ouellet

Tracy Ouellet

Senior Business Analyst

  • Former Applications Manager at HyLife - Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high-quality pork products
  • Expert in Root Cause determination
  • Former owner of Dayeta Farms (Broiler Breeder)