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Addressing Labor Shortage:
How to Increase Uptime While Empowering Employees

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Feature Image Addressing Labor Shortage How to Increase Uptime While Empowering Employees


To address the challenges caused by the lack of skilled workers, manufacturers are seeking creative ways to not only attract and retain good people but better understand what’s really happening on the plant floor to prevent risk and drive efficiencies.

Identifying and adopting new processes, improving visibility, and creating better workforce incentives and training programs are often a struggle as manufacturers can’t risk downtime. In this webinar, operations expert Jeremy Tancredi shares examples and methods of how manufacturers saved millions of dollars by gaining better visibility on capacity, implementing clear processes, building automation, and retaining well-trained workers.

Key questions manufacturers will get answered include:

  • What approaches are manufacturers taking to address the labor shortage issue?
  • What roadblocks prevent manufacturers from understanding what’s really happening on their lines?
  • What are effective training programs to upskill and/or retain existing talent?
  • How are automation tools helping improve line performance and workforce enablement?
  • What key performance indicators should manufacturers look at to gauge labor retention?

Jeremy Tancredi
Partner | West Monroe

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