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Demystifying Industry 4.0:
The Reality of Affordable and Scalable Digital Transformation

Reality of Affordable and Scalable Digital Transformation

Manufacturers with tighter resources and time know the importance of maximizing what they have - but when it comes to digitizing operations to boost production, many fall short of succeeding. Why?

In this webinar, Operations expert and CEO of Mode40, Cameron Bergen, describes how to build a digital approach that can 10x traditional operations methods by addressing commonly overlooked fail points. Cameron will outline proven steps to plan, build, and scale a digital transformation program that is affordable, achievable with limited resources, and provides a clear roadmap for success.

Key takeaways operations professionals will learn include:

  • Why so many have failed at implementing a scalable digital transformation program

  • How to plan an affordable digital transformation strategy that works

  • Where to extract value from the building blocks within your digitization plan

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Cameron Bergen
CEO @ Mode40

Meet Your Presenter:


Cameron is the Co-Founder and CEO at Mode40. With over 18 years of manufacturing operations experience Cameron has helped manufacturers achieve business and program objectives by increasing plant visibility through better data collection, visualization and analytics, process improvements and aligning resources around value-based goals.