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Avoid These Root Cause Analysis Mishaps to Drive Down Incidents

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Assumptions, oversight, and even misunderstandings in root cause analysis processes often result in widespread negative outcomes, from higher safety incidents to non-compliance. 

With over a decade of experience helping process manufacturers improve operational efficiencies, Sara Perrin will share what root cause analysis mistakes to avoid, and what methods and tools should be used to more proactively address simple and complicated incidents.

Operations, Safety, and Quality professionals will learn:

  • Common errors in the 5 Why’s method
  • How to Identify management system gaps
  • The Swiss Cheese Model of Incidents
  • Cause Map™ techniques

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Sara Perrin
Continuous Improvement Coach


About the Presenter:

Sara Perrin is a seasoned Engineering Manager who has over a decade of experience driving company process improvements and providing exceptional support in strategic planning. She holds a Master's Degree in Engineering Management from Duke University; and is an expert in resolving critical issues by conducting root cause analysis, executing suitable solutions, developing preventive measures, and using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to deliver results. Sara's experience centers on positions where she's developed key strategies that optimize organizational performance in the manufacturing domain – with experience in chemicals, foods, and biotech production.