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How to Reduce Food Safety Risk by Eliminating Silos

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When you don’t have timely information, it’s difficult to understand the current state of operations to help you drive efficiency or mitigate risk. In food manufacturing, quality and safety should be monitored, measured, and addressed by every function within the organization - but often, the various roles and teams have become siloed from each other, putting food quality and safety at risk. 

Research has found a mature culture focused on safety results in 54% fewer mistakes, but how do you build it? In this webinar, Dr. Lone Jespersen will outline the risks and impacts from functional silos within food manufacturing, discuss the maturity scale of food safety culture, and how manufacturers can eliminate ineffective silos to improve communications, safety, and quality.

Key takeaways include:

  • Ways of using measures and KPIs to minimize silos
  • Where functional silos typically exist and why
  • How cultural maturity impacts output, compliance, and reduces risk
Lone Jespersen

Lone Jespersen Ph.D.
Founder | Cultivate

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Cultivate is dedicated to helping food manufacturers globally make safe, great-tasting food through evaluation, and alignment of cultural effectiveness.