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Fixing the Problems

in Your Operations Problem-Solving Methods

Landing Page Header -Fixing the Problems in Your Operations Problem-Solving Methods

If your manufacturing operations struggle with discovering and addressing problems that to meet daily goals – you’re not using the proper tools or methods to problem-solve effectively. Not having the right problem-solving approach could lead to compounding issues resulting in out-of-pocket and lost opportunity costs.

In part 4 of our Operational Management System series, David Hicks and Tim Nickerson return to explain the costs of ineffective problem solving, why manufacturers might struggle to quickly and clearly define production issues, determine the complexity of a problem, and why there may be confusion over problem-solving methodologies versus problem-solving tools.

Operations professionals will hear real-world examples and:

  • Common risks to unstructured problem-solving approaches
  • Differences in information-driven vs. data-driven problem-solving tools
  • Various problem-solving methodologies and which one is appropriate for the problem

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David Hicks

David Hicks
Vice President
@ TBM Consulting

Tim Nickerson

Tim Nickerson
Director, Client Success
@ TBM Consulting

TBM Consulting

David and Tim specialize in operations, lean, and supply chain consulting for manufacturers and distributors.

TBM Consulting has partnered with SafetyChain for this 4-part Operational Management System series.
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