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Food Safety Culture:
Breaking Down Silos Through Influence

Food Safety Culture Breaking Down Silos Using Influence Food safety is typically considered a cost center because it doesn’t directly support revenue generation. 

But what if you could position food safety as a business enabler, able to break down functional silos to integrate food safety into every part of the organization? 

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This perspective is within reach when food safety leaders and practitioners know when and how to effectively influence change.

Join food safety experts, Tia Glave and Jill Stuber of Catalyst, to learn insights and actionable guidance into:

  • Why food safety isn’t viewed as a critical business enabler today 
  • How to shift negative perceptions and use influence to expand food safety culture
  • What food safety leaders can do to expand their circle of influence and leverage relationships to achieve food safety and business results
Jill Stuber

Tia Glave

Jill Stuber


About Your Presenters:

Tia Glave is a food safety, quality, and regulatory professional with a decade of experience in large food manufacturing, food retail, and startup food environments.

Jill Stuber has served on FSQ teams for several multi-million-dollar food companies and food industry support companies, at both the corporate and frontline facility levels.

Catalyst is a comprehensive coaching program for creating transformational change within people and organizations toward the ultimate food safety and quality culture.