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Understanding, Managing, and Reducing Cost of Quality

Understanding, Managing, and Reducing Cost of Quality

Operations and quality professionals know that quality failures directly impact production capacity — but convincing senior management to prioritize and fund quality control initiatives can be difficult. By calculating and presenting CoQ savings in hard dollars — one can understand and show the pay-back potential that quality improvements provide.

Through a concrete and sensible CoQ model, informative explanations, and illustrative examples, this presentation will help you understand and calculate the Cost of Quality metric and prove to your teams that tracking this metric has huge pay-offs.

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Denis Devos
Devos Associates

About Your Presenter:

  • Authority on Quality Management, Lean Methods, Audit, COQ

  • Contributor to books on Auditing, The ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Handbook and ASQ Certified Quality Manager Handbook 

  • Engineer – General Motors and automotive industry

  • Training and Advisory services for QA and Operations for manufacturing sectors