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    SafetyChain Fall Customer Summit
    Driving Continuous Improvement In Quality & Production With Data-Backed Decisions

    OCTOBER 11-12,2022

    Register now to join us on October 11-12 for the Fall 2022 SafetyChain Customer Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. This two-day event brings together customers from across the plant, including safety, quality, operations, and executive leadership, to learn and be inspired by how other organizations are using SafetyChain to drive continuous improvement, make their organizations more profitable, and fuel production efficiency with data-backed decisions.

    As a SafetyChain user, your organization has access to a powerful tool that helps you collect production data, stay compliant, and avoid expensive recalls. We hope you’ll join us to share knowledge and best practices, get training from experts, make new connections, and have fun.

    We’ll also give out our annual customer awards for outstanding achievements across safety, compliance, and plant management.

    Who Should Attend 

    SafetyChain customers across the plant floor: quality, safety, compliance, operations, production, and executive leadership.

    Summit Justification Letter

    SafetyChain has prepared this template letter that you can use to provide justification for attending the Fall Summit. Download it, fill in your information, and go! Click here to download.


    Registration has CLOSED. If you have any questions please reach out to your Account Manager.



    Thank You To Our Sponsors

    Fall 2022 SummitSponsors

    Past Attendees Include

    Summit Past Attendees



    Oct 11 2022


    Oct 11 2022

    General Session

    Oct 12 2022

    9:30 AM

    Oct 11 2022

    Protein Roundtable

    Moderated By:
    Robert Sproule & James Nimrod

    For our protein customers across all sectors - poultry, beef, seafood, plant, and more! Join your peers at our Protein Safety Roundtable. This open-forum style discussion will cover the challenges and opportunities facing protein manufacturers and how to use compliance tools to impact profitability. 

    Space for this Roundtable is limited. To request access to this roundtable, select "Protein Roundtable" in the registration form. 

    Peachtree Room 

    9:30 AM

    Oct 11 2022

    Operations & Production Roundtable

    Moderated By:
    Eric Hansen & Allyson Reed

    This session will be an open-forum discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing those in operations and production (or those who want to learn) and how to use compliance tools to impact profitability.

    This Roundtable is at capacity. To request to be placed on the waitlist please contact Victoria Taylor at vtaylor@safetychain.com

    Ansley Room 

    1:30 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Executive Roundtable: New Ways To Boost Productivity, Profitability, and Tackle The Labor Shortage in a Time of Data and Digital Overload

    Moderated By:
    Robert Sproule & Shamonique Schrick

    This session is reserved for executive leadership. 

    This afternoon session will dive into tangible ways the SafetyChain customers have used data collected from their plants to boost productivity, profitability, and tackle challenges like supply chain constraints, labor optimization shortages, and digital transformation. Join us for thought-leadership and open discussion about your opportunities, challenges, and what keeps you up at night. 

    This Roundtable is reserved for executive leaders. To request access, select "Executive Roundtable" in the registration form. 

    Peachtree Room

    Sponsored By: Mode40


    12:00 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Registration & Lunch

    1:30 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Best Practices In Form Building For Data Collection & Analysis

    Rebecca Brack | Customer Success Manager, SafetyChain Software
    Cary Porter | Customer Success Manager, SafetyChain Software

    Forms enable you to collect custom data, within SafetyChain, from operators and users on the plant floor. But, not all forms are created equally. Self-proclaimed form enthusiast, and SafetyChain Customer Success Manager, Rebecca Brack will be joined by Customer Success Manager, Cary Porter to talk through how you can build better forms for data collection and analysis.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    2:15 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Unlocking The Potential of Secure Profiles In LINK

    Jared Schnebelen | Customer Success Manager, SafetyChain
    Kevin Lee, Director | Solutions Engineering, SafetyChain 

    The power of secure profiles is in the ability to restrict visibility to external users - like customers and auditors. But, it is also one of the more mysterious and underutilized features in LINK. Customer Success Manager, Jared Schnebelen and Director, Solutions Engineering, Kevin Lee, will conduct a hands-on session that will enhance different use cases for secure profiles in LINK.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    3:00 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Afternoon Break & Networking

    3:30 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    How To Manage And Support The CAPA Process With SafetyChain

    Jared Schnebelen | Customer Success Manager, SafetyChain
    Kevin Lee, Director | Solutions Engineering, SafetyChain

    SafetyChain provides a flexible and powerful CAPA management process that is designed to support a variety of solutions. In this training, Customer Success Manager, Jared Schnebelen and Director, of Solutions Engineering, Kevin Lee, will show you how to use SafetyChain to capture immediate corrections and allow CI professionals to analyze trends detected from the data to create a formalized Corrective Action Process and Plan.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    4:15 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Using SQF Data to Identify Trends and Build Continuous Improvement

    Tammi Van Buren | Compliance Manager, SQFI

    Buckhead Ballroom

    6:00 PM

    Oct 11 2022

    Welcome Reception

    Let's end day one with some fun! Join us on the Mezzanine for appetizers, beverages, and networking with the SafetyChain team, sponsors, partners, and customers. 

    Sponsored By: AbeTech

    7:30 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    Breakfast & Networking

    If you need to register, check in at the registration table in the Buckhead Foyer. Then join us for a hot breakfast buffet in the Woodruff room.

    Buckhead Ballroom Foyer - Registration
    Woodruff Room - Breakfast

    8:30 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    President's Welcome

    Brian Sharp | President of SafetyChain Software 

    Brian Sharp, the President of SafetyChain Software will take the stage to kickoff the Summit.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    8:45 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    Keynote: Creating Visibility Across Safety & Operations To Improve Efficiency

    Dr. Stan Osuagwu | VP of FSQA, Home Chef

    Hitting $1 Billion in sales in a highly competitive direct-to-home meal solution market needs a strategy for the future. Doing more with less, quality-led efficiency initiatives, necessary digital transformation, and an unbending dedication to quality and safety - just to name a few. Join Dr. Stan Osuagwu, VP of FSQA as he discusses how Home Chef uses data collected on the plant floor, across safety and operations, to drive predictive decision-making. He’ll share the ways Home Chef and his team are being proactive and visible on the plant floor and his vision for what technology-driven food safety looks like for the future.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    9:30 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    Weaver Popcorn: Supply Chain, Weight Management, and Real-Time Data, Oh My!

    Justin Martin | Director of Quality Assurance, Weaver Popcorn

    The strapped supply chain is impacting us all. Weaver Popcorn, one of the top popcorn producers in the world, is no different. After a drought impacted corn yields, Weaver Popcorn took a hard look at their specification data and realized they were overfilling microwave and ready-to-eat product by 15-30 grams. In this session, Justin Martin, Director of Quality Assurance, discusses how Weaver Popcorn shifted from a culture of product overfill to one that empowers operators to make proactive adjustments using real-time data.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    10:00 AM

    May 20 2022

    Morning Break

    10:30 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    How Rosina Food Products Embraced Digital Transformation From The Plant Floor Up

    Brian Marek | Total Quality Management System Specialist, Rosina Food Products 
    Angela Falletta | Training Manager, Rosina Food Products 

    How do we get people to embrace the ‘paperless lifestyle’ is probably a question you and your teams have asked yourselves. Rosina Food Products has embraced the digital transformation with nearly paperless plants across their pasta and meatball divisions. In this session, Angela Falletta, Training Manager, and Brian Marek, Total Quality Management System Specialist at Rosina Food Products will share their organization’s approach to creating a culture that supports paperless processes through advocacy and training.

    Buckhead Ballroom 

    11:00 AM

    Oct 12 2022

    Customer Panel: Strategies For A Unified Approach To Plant Management

    Moderated By: Brittany Tamul | Director of Customer Success, SafetyChain Software

    Cynthia Waggoner, Chief Supply Chain Officer - Egg Life Foods

    Jennifer Martinez, FSQA Tech Services Manager - Seaboard Triumph Foods

    Rahul Shah, Plant Systems Director - JBS


    Driving continuous improvement in Quality and Production with data-backed decisions is more than our conference theme; it’s the goal you strive for every day.  Our expert panel of SafetyChain Customers will discuss their strategies for a unified approach to plant management with Moderator Brittany Tamul, SafetyChain Director of Customer Success.

    Buckhead Ballroom 

    12:00 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Lunch & Networking


    1:15 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    EHS Management & The Quest For Operational Excellence

    Sara Perrin | Continuous Improvement Coach, SafetyChain Software

    EHS is more than just the “dirty work.” Audits, government requirements, sustainability, and the health and safety of your operators – and some of it can be really challenging to get right for the operators (to ensure participation, of course.) In this session, SafetyChain’s #1 EHS champion, Sara Perrin, will discuss how leveraging SafetyChain for EHS – alongside your QMS and/or OEE solutions – can work together to breakdown silos, streamline communication, and create a culture of operational excellence.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    1:45 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    How Data-Backed Decision-Making Caffeinated Throughput at Death Wish Coffee

    CJ Deluca | Food Safety & Quality Manager, Death Wish Coffee

    The COVID-19 pandemic drove record at-home coffee consumption, with 85% of coffee drinkers having a cup at home. To keep up, Death Wish Coffee’s main production facility needed a shot of espresso.  In this session, CJ Deluca, Food Safety & Quality Manager at Death Wish Coffee will discuss how data collected helped justify a multi-million dollar equipment upgrade resulting in triple output, additional operator visibility, and audit ease.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    2:15 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Coaches Workshop

    Eric Hansen | VP of Customer Solutions, SafetyChain Software
    Shamonique Schrick | Continuous Improvement Coach, SafetyChain Software

    Buckhead Ballroom

    3:15 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Afternoon Break

    3:45 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Managing a Supply Chain in the Modern World

    Eric Edmunds | Food Safety Director, The Acheson Group 

    The COVID-19 pandemic and other world events have taken presented supply chain challenges and taken their toll on how we think about and manage our supply chains. There doesn’t appear to be many signs of those issues slowing down, and ingredients, packaging, supplies and equipment, people, and logistics are all aspects of our supply chain that we depend on to provide safe and quality products to our customers. Furthermore, regulatory challenges and consumer expectations are driving the industry to adapt and develop new methods that require even greater attention to detail. Join Eric Edmunds, TAG Director of Food Safety as he discusses opportunities to create a robust, safe, transparent, and crisis-resistant supply chain by leveraging data while avoiding regulatory and legal pitfalls and giving your customers what they want.    

    Buckhead Ballroom 

    4:15 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Product Roadmap

    Anurag Garg | Chief Product Officer, SafetyChain Software

    Anurag Garg will introduce exciting new programs for customers to engage on product roadmap, and highlight near term and long term product priorities.

    Buckhead Ballroom

    4:45 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Customer Awards & Closing Remarks

    Brian Sharp | President of SafetyChain Software

    Thanks for joining us for another Customer Summit. Brian Sharp will wrap up the day with closing remarks and present our annual customer awards. 

    Buckhead Ballroom

    6:30 PM

    Oct 12 2022

    Customer Appreciation Dinner

    We'll wrap up the Customer Summit at Del Frisco's Grille for our Customer Appreciation Dinner. Join us on the second floor Mezzanine to enjoy networking, dinner, and drinks. 


    Del Frisco's Grille - Mezzanine
    3376 Peachtree Rd NE,
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Sponsored by: Mode40



    Dr. Stan Osuagwu 

    VP, Food Safety & Quality Assurance - Home Chef


    Angela Fallata

    Training Manager - Rosina Food Products


    Brian Marek

    Quality Assurance Supervisor - Rosina Food Products


    Cynthia Waggoner

    Chief Supply Chain Officer - Egg Life Foods, Inc.


    CJ Deluca

    Food Safety & Quality Manager - Death Wish Coffee


    Jennifer Martinez

    FSQA Tech Services Manager - Seaboard Triumph Foods


    Justin Martin

    Director of Quality Assurance - Weaver Popcorn


    Rahul Shah

    Plant Systems Director - JBS


    Brian Sharp

    President - SafetyChain Software

    Allyson Reed

    Account Manager - SafetyChain Software


    Anurag Garg

    Chief Product Officer -
    SafetyChain Software

    Brittany Tamul

    Director Of Customer Success - SafetyChain Software


    Cary Porter

    Customer Success Manager - SafetyChain Software


    Eric Edmunds

    Food Safety Director - The Acheson Group

    Eric Hansen

    VP of Customer Solutions - safetyChain Software


    Jared Schnebelen

    Customer Success Manager - SafetyChain Software

    Kevin Lee

    Director of Solutions Engineering- SafetyChain Software

    Rebecca Brack

    Customer Success Manager - SafetyChain Software


    Robert Sproule

    Director, Account  Management - SafetyChain Software


    Sara Perrin

    CONTINUOUS IMprovement Coach - SafetyChain Software


    Shamonique Schrick

    CONTINUOUS Improvement Coach - SafetyChain Software


    Tammi VanBuren

    SAF Compliance Manager - SQFI


    Customer Summit Registration

    Registration has CLOSED. If you have any questions please contact your Account Manager.