As an added value to F&B manufacturing professionals, you now have access to the COVID-19 Recovery Kit.

There's no escaping the headlines. The COVID-19 Virus is classified as a global pandemic and will permeate our daily lives, including how we run our food and beverage facilities. As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to climb, US food and beverage manufacturers are scrambling to prepare, and for good reason. The impact COVID-19 may have on their employees, brand, food safety operations, suppliers, and overall profitability is immense.

SafetyChain and The Acheson Group have teamed up to provide Food & Beverage Manufacturers with this Recovery Kit. The kit includes the following resources, which can each be downloaded below:

If you know anyone that could use these resources, simply send them a link to this page, and check back often. More resources will be added in the following days.

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